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Hyalite Canyon/Ice Climbing Trip

Date: November 23-24, 2019
Leader: Forest Dean
Participants: Taylor Brugh, Hannah Anderson, Kurt Krueger, Bryan Kercher, Joren Nabozney, Frank Dean, Brock Rugg

Five of us headed down to Hyalite on Saturday morning to get our first swings of the year in. We were proud of the fact that we were probably the only Missoulians heading that way that weren’t going to some football game J. We arrived at the Grotto Falls trailhead a little before noon and then hiked up into the Genesis area. A very nice day (a little too warm) so it wasn’t bad to sit around a wait for an hour as some other groups finished up their climbs on Hangover and Upper Greensleeves. Taylor, Hannah and Kurt walked over and climbed a bit on the latter while Bryan and I hit up the former. We did multiple laps and then headed back down to the trailhead by headlamp.

We drove back a short ways to a large parking area at the junction of the main and east fork road and set up camp for the night. Leftover burritos from the Glaci…

Borah Peak (Lost River Range)

Date: November 12, 2019
Participants: Forest Dean and Taylor Brugh

I had originally scheduled and planned this North Face climb for the last weekend in October, but a bad forecast forced a cancellation and I actually didn’t plan to reschedule. However, the desire didn’t abate, the forecast (this time) looked better, and Taylor was game to join me, so we decided to give this a go.

We headed down to the Borah Peak trailhead (7400’) on Saturday afternoon (4.25 hour drive). Sunny sky, warm weather. We were the only ones at the trailhead/camping area. Ate some dinner, sat around a campfire until about 9pm then hit the sack. During the night clouds moved in and the temps went up a bit. We awoke at 4:30am and were on the trail at 5:00. Followed the standard climbers trail for the first 1.25 miles until it pops out at a saddle at 8600’. From there we went off trail, contouring to the north and then east where we intersected a dry stream bed which leads up toward the NW Ridge of Borah. We dea…

Winter Outing, Lolo Pass

Date: Sun. Nov. 3rd, 2019 Participants: Steve Schombel, David & Julie Kahl
Colleen from the Lolo Pass Visitors’ Center had kept me updated on conditions and on Friday advised that there probably wasn’t enough snow to snowshoe and that ice cleats may be useful. Conditions that persisted until Sunday, we had cleats we never needed, and each took a ski pole. The option to change this to another place wasn’t very good as it is hunting season in Montana. In the parking lot we discussed options on where to go, down by Pack Creek would probably be brushy. Down Pack Cr. Rd was an option, but we decided on going up the road that comes off of the pass, by the snow plow turnaround, that goes up the State Line Ridge to the east of the Visitors’ Center. The actual MT-ID state line goes up the brow of the ridge from Lolo Pass, and as the road goes east from there, we didn’t realize until we were part way up, that we had ended up in Montana anyway. We weren’t very worried and continued on. This…