Mount Cannon, Glacier National Park

Trip Leader: Paul Jensen
Date: August 18, 2019
Attendees: Jen & John Bardsley, Minot Maiser, and Nick Pritchard
Photos by Nick Pritchard and John Bardsley

Since I wasn't leading this climb, I hadn't done any research on it, and so was surprised when we faced sustained class 3 with a class 4 crux. Also, none of us had done the climb but Paul, and for him it had been decades, so there was quite a bit of group route finding needed along the way. And finally, the morning clouds didn't burn off until after we reached the summit, which added an ominous aura to the ascent. All of this combined to provide more adventure than the typical Sunday Glacier Classic climb, but the group rose to the challenge. As an extra bonus, the clouds cleared on the descent, and we were greeted with the usual stupendous Glacier scenery. Everyone was stoked to end the weekend on a high note with such a memorable climb.

John Bardsley   


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