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Goat Mountain, Glacier National Park

Date: August 17, 2019  Trip leader: Eric Jones Participants: Minot Maser, Andrew Coe, Eric Jones, Elizabeth Moore, Jennica, and five kids.
Goat Mountain was the objective for the Glacier Classic’s Kid Trip. The kid members consisted of one 16 year old (barely a kid), three 11 year olds and one 4 year old. The plan was to hike up the Sunrift Gorge trail for about a mile and a half and then a long scramble (class 2 -3) up the west side of the mountain. This plan worked for Elias and Minot who were a bit faster than the rest of the crew.  The rest of us settled for turning around about a 1000 ft below the summit ridge because we wanted to be sure we got back in time for burritos back in camp. Great views, great conversations and attitude ruled the day.

Reynolds Mountain, Glacier National Park

Date: August 16, 2019
Trip Leader: John Bardsley
Attendees: Jennifer Bardsley, Jennifer Franklin, Kris Cahoon, Henry Cahoon, Jim Goss, Josh ??

Our climb of the Southwestern Talus Slope Route (STSR) on Mount Reynolds was a great start to the 2019 Glacier Classic. My original plan was to do the Grand Tour, which follows the prominent diagonal ledge across the north face, but given that there is significant exposure on that route, and I hadn't yet done the STSR, I opted for it instead.

Given that bad weather was forecasted for mid-afternoon, we got out of camp in St. Mary early and were starting our hike on the board walk to Hidden Lake Overlook by 7:30am. The route and group were both a lot of fun. We laughed a lot, made quick work of the talus and route finding near the top, had an early lunch, and were down to the car by 1pm. Although it was short, the day was sweet!

Swan Crest Traverse, Swan Range

Date: July 20, 2029 Trip leader Susanna Girolamo Phillips Participants: Jacob Fromm and Kristopher Cahoon
I have done this great traverse three years ago. The plan was to start at East Foothill Trailhead, hike up to Rumble Creek Lake, scramble up the gully north of Holland Peak, traverse the north ridge and end off Cooney Mountain down to Smith Creek Pass trailand hike out. This traverse is very popular for many endurance hikers, off-trail-runners etc. This trip is great for the fit hiker. It is a full day of hiking at a steady, sustained pace with an elevation gain of about 5'700 ft and 14 miles (distance and gain are approximately).
We met up at 5:30 AM, Saturday in Missoula and carpooled with two cars. We left one car at Smith Creek Trailhead and one at East Foothill Trailhead, where we started our hike up to Rumble Creek Lake, that is located just below Holland Peak. 
During our hike up to Rumble Creek Lake I noticed that one of us was moving slow, so I set a time of return at …

Mount Siyeh, Glacier National Park

Date: August 17, 2019
Trip Leader: John Bardsley
Attendees: Jen Bardsley, Paul Jensen, Dexter Hale, Arthur Endsley

Photos by Dexter Hale (except the two that include him)

After a night of heavy rain and high country snow, we opted to leave camp in Many Glacier after 8am, hoping that there would be some melting on the summit slopes by the time we got up high. We started at Siyeh Bend and hiked to Preston Park, just below Siyeh Pass, where we left the maintained trail to climb the South Slope Route. Our progress through the class 2/3 cliffs was steady and straightforward, with one minor route finding hitch near the top. Upon reaching the massive summit talus field, we met several people who had turned around due to the presence of a grizzly bear digging for army cutworm moths in the talus. We saw the bear almost immediately, and Dexter had a camera with a big lens to capture photos, several of which are included in this post. The bear was busy and far enough away not to worry us, so we …

Mt. Gould Climb (W. Face), Glacier National Park

Trip leader: Fintan Maguire Participants: Nick Prichard, Henry Cahoon, Chris Cahoon Stats: 2907 ft elevation gain, 6 miles round trip, Class 2/3
On Saturday of the Glacier classic myself, Nick Prichard, Henry and his father Chris Cahoon climbed the West face route of Mt. Gould. It had snowed above 7500 ft the previous night so we decided to start a little later so it could melt. We had planned to begin the climb near the Weeping Wall but the trail was closed due to a vegetation restoration project. We then parked at Logan Pass and hiked 2 miles of the Highline trail to the saddle between Mt. Gould and Haystack. From there we departed the trail and followed a gully to get above the diorite cliffs. Once above, we veered climbers left and then headed straight towards the summit. Unfortunately, the summit remained shrouded in clouds so we could not enjoy the spectacular views this peak offers. Otherwise the weather was very nice and we had a great time.

Grey Wolf Peak (NE Ridge), Mission Mountains

Trip leader: Fintan Maguire Participants: Brent Maier, Adam Drobish Stats: 6000 ft elevation gain (we likely did 7000 ft.), Class 2/3
We drove to the Twin Lakes area on the Flathead Reservation side of the Mission Mountains and we began the climb around 7 am. The first few hours of  the trail are on a nice shaded trail thru the forest ascending a ridge. There are some areas of downed trees that need to be navigated thru but for the Missions the trail is quite enjoyable. After a couple of hours we arrived at Upper and Lower Riddell Lakes and we mistakenly attempted to climb the East Ridge. We then back tracked and resumed the standard route by continuing north into the next basin (Scenic Lakes).  We then gained the NE ridge and a half hour later arrived at the summit block. We dropped below the first snow field and then started the Class 3 climbing. Above this there was another snowfield where we utilized our crampons and ice axes.  The rest of the way to the summit was easy Class 2 b…

Shangri La Loop, Glacier National Park

Date: August 17, 2019 Trip leaders: Joshua and Susanna G Phillips  Participants: Alden Wright, Edna Blanchfield, Jim Goss, Marina Sonora, David Patterson, Jennifer Franklin 
Our plan was to start at Swiftcurrent Camp area, hike to and scramble up Redrock Falls, pass Shangri La's Lake, descent to Iceberg Lake and take the main trail back out. Well, after the heavy rain we had the night before we decided to start our loop the opposite direction by going first to Iceberg Lake. We were hoping that by the time we got to Iceberg Lake that most of the wet rock was dry. 
We started our hike a little later than what we planned for. Luckily we found enough parking for the group. At ten in the morning we were on our way to Iceberg Lake. The sky was still recovering from high winds and clouds that covered the horizon. As we were hiking in, the sun slowly melted the remaining snow dust on the rocks. The weather displayed a scenic view over the mountain ridges entertained us most of the day. B…

McCormick Peak, Reservation Divide

Date: August 11, 2019 Trip Leader: Alden Wright Attendees: Arthur Endsley
I advertised this as a hike to McCormick and Blackrock Peaks on the reservation divide north of Nine Mile, but we were prevented from making it to Blackrock by the weather.  Arthur Endsley and I left from North Reserve at 10 am.  The road was mostly signed, but there were some missing signs, so a good map of the roads is a good idea.  It is a long drive to the trailhead, and we didn’t start hiking until about 11:30.  The map shows trail 708 going straight up the ridge, but in fact it follows road 4213 (closed to cars) for a ways, and then cuts back up to the ridge.  The trail is good, but I am an old man and am slow.   When we got almost west of McCormick peak, we left the trail and went up a rock slide to the peak; easy scrambling on large rocks.  There were lots of clouds, so there were only intermittent views of the surroundings.  When we started off in the direction I thought was towards Blackrock, I knew I…