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Scapegoat Mountain, Bob Marshall Wilderness

Date: July 6 - 7, 2019 Participants: Dori Gilels, Casey Lammers, Minot Maser and trip leader Susanna Girolamo Phillips
The Bob Marshall Wilderness has been on my list to do for so long,but this year, I finally decided to plan an overnight trip. I still remember very well when I opened the topo-map of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the prominent plateau between Scapegoat and Flint mountain got my attention right away.  After researching the area and gaining local knowledge I put the trip on the Rocky Mountaineers calendar. The plan was to hike in on Saturday morning through the Crown Mountain trail, set up camp somewhere along Green Fork Creek, preferable closer to the plateau and summit Scapegoat Mountain at the same day, weather permitting. So four of us ventured into this endless wilderness not knowing what to expect.
Together we carpooled on Friday to Augusta. There, we met up with Casey's friend, Brian, a member of the Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto (NRMG). Brian has worked …

Saint Joseph Peak, Bitterroot Mountains,

Date: June 29, 2019 Trip Leader: Susanna Girolamo Phillips
Participants: Dori Gilels & Leah Samberg-Story
Reaching the summit of Saint Joseph's peak requires a longer day and so I decided on an earlier start. We began our ascent at the Bass Creek Overlook trail.We went over Little St. Joe Peak first, and followed the protruding ridge to the summit. The first part of the route is on a good maintained trail. The snow line is below Little St. Joe Peak, just around 8'500 ft. Onthe ridge, half of the traversewasstill filled in with more snow then I anticipated. It definitely prolonged our ridgecrossing. The plan was to traverse the north face of the mountain but the big and steeper snow fields impacted a safe route finding. We did not have adequate snow travel gear. Traversing the south face of the mountain was the better option. As soon as we had a clear view of the north face of St.Joseph, we, as a team, decided onto continue on the south side of the mountain and follow the …

Sweeney Peak, Bitteroot Mountains

Saturday June 15, 2019 Participants: Dori G, Hannah and Luke, Alden W, Karen K, Jacob F, leaders Susanna Girolamo Phillips & co-leader Fintan Maguire
I scheduled this trip last year but I didn't have any takers. So I decided to offer it again this time. To my surprise I had a dozen people interested in joining the trip. However, nine of us went up the mountain.
We met early in Missoula and carpooled to Sweeney Trailhead. At 7:33 AM we started our hike up the trail. If you continue on this trail it will take you to Peterson Lake. But our plan was to get off the trail just above the natural water spring, at about 7'600 ft and hike the rest of the way along the ridge to the summit.  Along the ridge the previous wildfires still show its scarred landscape, a field of burned standing trees as far as the eye can see. Walking through it felt being on a different planet. Once we reached the top we took a nice break, refueled on food and enjoyed the beautiful weather we were bless…