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Wild Horse Island

Date: June 9th, 2019 Trip leader: Julie Kahl Participants: Lisa Robertson, Briana -12, Elizabeth, Ernst, John -9 & Julia -13 Visscher, David 
We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day, when we met at the Big Arm Boat Rental at 10:AM. Even the boat ride out to the Skeekoo Bay beach landing was pleasant, if a bit chilly. Once again I scoped out the island for the highest of its three points, knowing that the north summit, though it looked highest wasn’t. We were back for a second attempt to climb the highest point. As the boat came into the Bay there was a big buck, in velvet, just off the water’s edge, that tried to “hide” behind a tree, he couldn’t see us, but we could see most of him. We had brought 2 1/2 gallon jugs with water and stashed them in the shade by the landing. The new-comers checked out the signs and maps at the trail head and photographed a nearby osprey nest with chicks. Elizabeth set up the GPS on her phone, and as we headed up the trail out of the bay saw three dee…

Trapper Peak, BC-Ski, Bitteroot Mountains

Date: Saturday June 1, 2019 Participants: Fintan Maguire, Dexter Hale, Tanya Hacker, Casey Lammers, Tom Jones (TJ) & Susanna Girolamo Phillips
This trip was short notice and mostly for those that weren't ready to put the skis away. Surprisingly we got several to join on this last minute adventure.    We started at Baker Lake Trailhead at about9 AM. It was a later start than I anticipated, as one of us forgot its ski-skins and had to run back to get them. I wasn't sure how the road condition to the trailhead was going to be but I was confident that we could drive all the way to trailhead, and we did. 

We boot/packed andhiked up to Baker Lake on a nice maintained and dry trail. At about 7'700 ft & 100 ft just below the lake we were able to skin up the trail. Once we arrived at the lake we then ascended a short and steeperslope up to the main East ridge. We followed the ridge all the way to the summit. Blue skies and puffy clouds accompanied us all the way up.

Our plan …

Lost River Range

Dates: May 24-27, 2019 Leader:  Forest Dean Participants: Fintan Maguire, Rob Edington, Erin Carey, Carl Sunderman, Evan Sunderman, Brent Maier, Abby Maier
A solid group of eight of us decided to brave the very dismal looking Memorial Weekend forecast and head south for some fun in Idaho’s highest range.  Fintan, Rob, Erin and I drove south after work on Friday, leaving Missoula about 6pm and arriving at our “trailhead” camp a little after 11pm.  We fully expected to be setting up our tents in the rain, but were pleasantly surprised by starry skies when we arrived.  Sometime after midnight we dove into our tents and and called it a night.
We awoke to the predicted crappy weather (90% chance of precip).  None of us were too confident in climbing any peaks today, but sitting around camp wouldn’t be much fun, so after breakfast the four of us started up the Jones Creek drainage a little after 7am.  Our goal, should the weather somehow cooperate, was Donaldson Peak and/or Mt. Church- two…