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Little St. Joe Cabin

Trip Leader: Fintan Maguire
Date: March 1-3 
Attendees: Joshua Phillips, Carl Sunderman, Peter Gorza, Ted Morrison, Forest Dean

Originally the plan for this trip was to camp/ski in the southern Mission mountains.  However, an extremely cold forecast along with increased avalanche risk from a recent storm convinced us that a cabin with access to more mellow terrain would be a safer choice. So on Friday March 1st  Fintan Maguire, Joshua Phillips, Carl Sunderman, and Peter Gorza met early in the morning for a weekend of backcountry skiing on Little St. Joe mountain in the Bitterroot mountain range.  We drove to the Bass creek trailhead and skinned up to the Rocky Mountaineers cabin.  Due to a massive snow storm earlier in the week ( 3 ft  of snow in parts of the Bitterroot valley) the skinning up to the cabin was slow going. We arrived at the cabin by mid-afternoon and after unloading our packs we skinned up to about 8400 ft and dug a snow pit to evaluate the local avalanche conditions. Jos…