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Mini Gash Point BC Ski, Bitterroots

Date: February 16, 2019 Trip Leader: Susanna Girolamo and Paul Jensen Participants: Joshua Phillips, Adam D, Malcolm L, Richard S, Minot M, Fintan M, Camie R, Thomas T.
Mini Gash Point (as a few of us call it) is the first high point on the ridge leading up from the Bear Creek Overlook.  It's a classic backcountry tour in the Bitterroots, especially for those that prefer shorter outings.  Nine of us met in Missoula and carpooled in two rigs. We picked up Malcolm on our way through Victor. Since we had a high demand for this trip, Joshua and I decided to welcome everyone and split the group in two. Our tour started just below the Bear Creek Overlook Trailhead. Because of the great amount of snow on the road, we left our vehicles down at the junction of Gash Creek Rd and Bear Creek Overlook Trailhead Rd. With the amount of snow up there finding a parking spot was challenging. But after talking to one of the residence, he agreed to plow and open the junction by making it possible fo…

Level 1 Avalanche Course

Dates: January 31- February 3, 2019 Participants: Michael Langguth, Mary Langguth, Damon Anderson, Gunnar Ulberg, Nick Pritchard, Kelsey Wellington, TJ Jones, Kevin Maher, Dan Weiss, Hannah Talbott, Steve Hancock, Forest Dean
Last year we sent out a membership survey asking for feedback on several topics.One question asked about educational opportunities.An overwhelming response was folks wanted to see more “snow safety/avalanche awareness” offerings.As a result, the idea was born of holding a Level 1 Course exclusive to TRM.It turned into a great success!
The course was led by the very knowledgeable folks from (or contracted by) the West Central Montana Avalanche Center.Spencer Bradford, Todd Glew and Raina Phillips led the Thursday/Friday evening classroom sessions.Raina and her husband George Dangelo led the full day Saturday/Sunday field sessions at Lost Trail Pass.We covered the broad spectrum in class, discussing avalanche basics, weather, terrain, snowpack, gear and human fact…

Pistol Creek Lookout Snowshoe, Arlee

Date: February 2, 2019 Trip Leader: Laurel Vielle Attendees: Alden Wright, Oliver Serang, Jenny Freudenburg, Greg and Cecilia Notess, and Doug Thorsen
Even with a potentially miserable forecast for the day I rescheduled (due to a miserable forecast) Pistol Creek Snowshoe, 9 hearty souls plus myself decided to venture out and see what we could see.  And, as it often goes, the weather turned out to be not that bad.  The 10 of us gathered at the base of the bald hills below the lookout and had introductions around.  There were two TRMers (Alden Wright and Oliver Serang), four GMSers (Jenny Freudenburg, Greg and Cecilia Notess, and Doug Thorsen)  and four of us who have combined memberships (Bryan Kercher, Dell and Gail Meuchel, and myself).  After getting to know each other a bit, and after two separate (rather dire and unfriendly) warnings of wolves from a few local hikers, we headed up the first steep pitch about 10:00, right on time.
The lower hills were bare of snow so no snowshoes …

Stonewall Creek Backcountry Skiing

Date: January 26, 2019
Trip Leader: Joshua Phillips
Attendees: Minot Maser, Thomas, Paul Jensen

Minot, Josh, Thomas and I drove as far as we could towards the Stonewall Cr trailhead and from there proceeded up into Stonewall Cr with the help of Minots snowmobile.  There was some nice powder down low but we could tell there had been a lot of wind up high.  After leaving the creek we skinned up to the ridge and did a run back down through some pretty nice snow.  It was only wind effected slightly.  On our way back up we followed the track of 2 Helena guys.  We continued past where they turned around and made our way to the summit (unnamed).  We had some great views through scattered clouds before heading down through some challenging, wind packed powder.  Lower down the snow again became nice.  Our trip out with the snowmobile was quick and easy. Paul Jensen

Hyalite Canyon/Ice Climbing Trip

Date: January 26-27, 2019 Leader:  Forest Dean Participants:  Steve Hancock, Megan Monahan, Logan DeBoer, Bjorn Nabozney, Joren Nabozney, Frank Dean
We drove to Bozeman on Friday afternoon and met up with MSU students Joren and Frank for some pizza and beer at Bridger Brewing.  Logan had a friend who very kindly allowed us to crash on her floor that night.  On Saturday morning we headed up the canyon and were all at the trailhead about 8:30am.  We hiked up the canyon a little ways and then had to plow through knee deep snow as we gained about 500’ steeply up towards our destination- the climb called Mummy Cooler 2.  Bjorn and Joren led up the middle of this (WI3) and got a rope set up so we could all do some climbing.  Steve also led up a route on the right side of this formation.  Unfortunately, right at the top he got pumped out when trying to shimmy over the final ice bulge and took a leader fall.  His previous screw held and he ended up upside down on a snow covered shelf after this …