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Grand Teton – Upper Exum Climb, III, 5.7

Date: July 2018 Trip Leader: Joshua Phillips Attendees: Fintan Maguire Fintan Maguire and I teamed up for this trip to the Tetons back in July.  Hoping to get started that same day, we drove down on Friday (July 27th) and immediately went to the Jenny Lake Ranger Station to see if we could get a backcountry camping permit for anywhere up Garnet Canyon.  No luck.  The rangers informed us that people had been in line at 7am to secure all of the camping permits and that there were none left for the weekend.  So, it was decided for us; we would leave the bivy gear behind and climb the route in a single push.   Knowing that we’d start early the next morning and had several hours to burn, we did a little exploring around Jackson Lake and checked out the dock at Signal Mountain Lodge.   Unfortunately, we probably spent too much time taking in the views; when we arrived at Gros Ventre Campground, there were no spots left.  We parked in the amphitheater parking lot and decided to settle-in (in th…

Little St Joe Cabin

Date: Jan 11 - 13 Trip Leader: Paul Jensen Attendees: Doug Grisham, Fred McDonald, Forest Dean, Brent Meyer, Fintan Magurie, Minot Maser, Rosemary Palachio, Robbie Lieban
On Friday Doug Grisham, Fred McDonald and I headed up to the cabin.  It was nice to get above the inversion and into the sunshine!  Later in the afternoon we had a nice run back down the ridge to the cabin in pretty good powder.  On Sat we met up with Forest Dean, Brent Meyer and Fintan Maguire who had just skied up from the parking lot.  The 6 of us then climbed to the summit of Little St Joe and skied a couple long east facing runs.  The weather was amazing and snow was still good so we all had fun.  Minot Maser also came up and joined in with us for the skiing.  Also on Sat Rosemary Palachio and Robbie Lieban snowshoed up so Sat night we had 9 people in the cabin which was interesting.  Once we all got settled it didn't seem too bad.  On Sunday some people went down and some went up for another run.  I think …

Bell Mountain attempt (Lemhi Range)

Date: January 5-6, 2019 Participants: Forest Dean and Tom Herwerden
Bell Mountain (11,612’) is a beautiful and prominent peak in the middle part of Idaho’s Lemhi Range.  The Range’s second highest peak, it really stands out when viewed from the Lost River Range to the west.  This was my second trip (April, 2011) to attempt to climb this peak- for some strange reason I seem to head there when conditions are not ideal.  This time was no different.
Tom and I left Missoula at 5:30am on Saturday morning and made the approx.. 4 hour drive to the start.  The “start” is wherever you can drive to on the two lane roads on the sagebrush covered plains east of the peak.  We made it about 4 miles off of highway 28 so were feeling pretty good about ourselves. The weather at the start was pretty nice but the forecast was calling for change.  Thus we decided to try to make a push for the summit that day, realizing that we would probably run out of daylight. Beginning at 10am (7200’), the first couple …

SOLSTICE SKI at Chief Joseph Ski Area

Date: December 22, 2018 Trip Leader:  Elizabeth Moore Participants:  Alden Wright, Bryan Kercher, Astrid Moore
When I had the opportunity to volunteer and overnight at the Gordon Reese Warming Hut on the Winter Solstice I thought it would be fun to lead my first trip for The Rocky Mountaineers! 
My family and I stayed in the Gordon Reese Warming Hut on the night of December 21st and the next day we met Alden Wright and Bryan Kercher at 10 am for some cross country skiing.  Alden and Bryan had some time before joining us to try out some of the newly groomed trails.  We spent a good part of the day together.  They were very patient with my 10-year old daughter Astrid.  They waited for her and encouraged her and it was such an enjoyable time spent with friends.  We went in for a late lunch and then Astrid was pretty beat so we called it day.  Alden and Bryan continued to ski after we left since it was such a beautiful day.  A great day was had by all.
On the way home to Missoula I rememb…

Mission Falls/Ice Climbing

Date: December 29, 2018 Trip Leader: Forest Dean Participants: Megan Monahan, Dillon Burke
Megan, Dillon and I met up at the Wye and drove up to the Mission Reservoir arriving at about 7:45am.  We were on the trail up to Mission Falls at 8:00.  The approach hike took about 1.5 hours (2.5 miles, 1300’ of elevation gain- all trail).  With the warm temps over the past month, the ice was by no means in peak shape, but all 4 of the main climbs to the right of Mission Falls are climbable.  We chose to do the easier 2nd and 4th climbs (WI3).  The day was on the warm side so the ice was soft and tool/crampon placement was pretty easy.  For Dillon, it was his second day ever ice climbing, but he didn’t even remotely flounder on anything.  We each took a couple laps on both climbs and enjoyed the climbing, the camaraderie and the beautiful surroundings!  We had the area to ourselves- nobody else even hiked up the trail on this day.  Around 4:00 we packed up and began the hike out (took only a …

Finley Creek/Ice Climbing

Date: December 22, 2018 Trip Leader: Forest Dean Participants: Tom Herwerden, Logan DeBoer, Bjorn Nabozney, Joren Nabozney
As part of our TRM “Winter Classic” day, a group of us headed up Finley Creek on the west side of the Rattlesnake for a bit of ice climbing.With the lack of snow, we were easily able to drive to the trailhead.From there it was about a 30 minute hike to the base of our first climb- The Weedeater.This WI3 route was really about the only climb that was in good shape.I led up and then Logan and Tom each took a couple of laps on toprope.Bjorn and Joren showed up after a bit and they headed straight for some drytooling next to the route called “Thing in Between”.Logan, Tom and I hiked over to join them after a bit, bypassing the currently-very-thin classic:Weedeater.We all took turns flailing around on the mixed climbing as well as climbing the (currently thin) Thing in Between (WI3).After a bit we were all exhausted and hiked out.Not a plethora of great ice right now, …

Crystal Amphitheatre, XC Ski

Trip Leader: Alden Wright
Participants: Lisa Roberson, Tess Sneeringer, Bill Goslin.

I learned of this trip by participating Rocky Mountaineers trip led by Julie Kahl on this trail last fall. Lisa, Tess, and I drove together, and we met Bill at the little parking lot on the north side of the highway. This is the natural place to park, and no parking pass is needed. We skied up the groomed snowmobile trail for about half mile and then went off on the gated logging road to the right. There are a couple of logging road junctions---keep left. We were intermittently breaking trail in deep snow and following the tracks of other skiers. We saw a number of skiers with wide skis and skins. There was only a short section where we were going through brush on the road. There are nice views of the mountains on the other side of the highway. After 3 miles, we came to the creek drainage---this must be Crystal Creek---although it is not named on the maps. We stopped and ate lunch and t…