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McLeod Peak (Rattlesnake)

Date: October 27, 2018 Leader:Forest Dean Participants: Bryan Kercher, Tom Herwerden, Dori Gilels
The four of us met at the Wye interchange on this Saturday morning and carpooled up to the Finley Lakes trailhead.Under a clearing sky, we started up the trail at 8:10am.We stayed on the main trail for 1.5 miles and then headed north on user trails up and into the northeast fork drainage of Finley Creek.Our route first took us up through some mostly open forest and then (as we bent to the east) across and along some small boulder fields.At the end of this dead end drainage, we ascended steeply and gained the ridge just to the west of the 8200’ high point.There were a few inches of snow along this sharp ridge (particularly on the north aspects), but not enough to require anything except for careful footwork as we negotiated boulders.As we topped out on the 8200’ point the sky had become almost entirely clear.From there we followed the wider ridge as it headed first east to another highpoi…

Stuart Peak, Rattlesnake

Date: October 12-13, 2018  Leader: Eric Jones  Participant: Isaac Jones 
In order to improve our chances of summitting this peak with a !0-year old, I broke up this 19 mile hike into two days. The first leg was riding and pushing my mountain bike with Isaac's tag-along up Spring Gulch late Friday afternoon. We camped at the upper end of Spring Gulch, where we enjoyed Forest Deans's Jetboil pepperoni pizza for dinner. The next morning, we headed up the trail. It was straight forward until we arrived at the wilderness boundary at our pre-established turn around time of two'clock. Isaac set the time by figuring out how we would get to the car before it got dark. Since, it was two o'clock Isaac was all for heading back. However, after suggesting a Lego set could be in the offing if we summited , I literally  had to run up the trail just to catch up with him. Snow drifts of up to two feet on the summit ridge were the only difficulty. After hitting the top, we descended to …

Blodgett/Mill Creek Circuit + Blodgett Mountain, Bitterroots

Date: October 20, 2018 Leader:  Forest Dean Participant: Bryan Kercher
Bryan and I met at Mill Creek Trailhead at 6:15am on this starry skied Saturday morning.  We left a vehicle then drove over to the Blodgett trailhead and started, by headlamp, at 6:45.  We made good time alternating between hiking and running as we headed deep into the Bitterroot backcountry.  It was the first time either of us had been up the trail past the bridge.  The trail is very conducive to running- flat and well maintained.  At about 9:15 we reached the junction with the Blodgett Pass Trail (about 10 miles in) and headed up the switchbacks to the pass.  From there we followed the crest of the ridge (mostly slab granite) west to the base of Blodgett Mtn.  A direct ascent up the east ridge would require 5th class climbing- we did an ascending traverse along the base of the south facing cliffs until finding an easy break up the the SW ridge.  From there it was a 5 minute stroll to the broad 8647’ summit. 

Castle Crag, Bitterroots

Date: 10/14/18 Trip leader: Laurel Vielle Attendees: Brittany Bauer, Dell and Gail Meuchel, Nick Pritchard, Laurel Vielle, Robin Young
On a beautiful Saturday morning, six of us struck out along the trail to Castle Crag.  Right from the get go there was snow on the trail, a dusting at first then increasing to several inches higher up and further in. We were following an intrepid person's prints in the snow and were thankful to whomever for breaking trail.  Several miles in we ran into that intrepid sole, a fisherman heading out who was stymied by ice and snow on the lake and creek higher up.  After telling him our plans, he was like "it's not going to happen", due to snow being on the route.  We said our goodbyes and then after many miles of hiking through snow and trees, we broke out below Castle Crag.     After enjoying the views at Garrard lake we went a bit further up and took a gander at our route.  Well, sure enough, the route up was choked with snow, making the b…

TRM Cabin Workday

Date: October 6, 2018 Participants: Paul Jensen, Maria Cassidy, Doug Grisham, Dave Fox, Dave Kahl, Julie Kahl, Lance Cherry, Rosemary Polichio, Mary Dalton, Forest Dean
We enjoyed a solid turnout for our annual Cabin Workday with 10 folks pitching in to get things ready for the winter recreation season.Paul and Dave Fox carried chainsaws up the 1.5 miles and 1200’ to the cabin and cut down a few dead trees.The rest of us hauled, split, stacked, cleaned the cabin and just generally tidied up.We started at 10am and were mostly done by noon.Enjoyed a bit of lunch inside (it was snowing outside) while discussing possible future repairs and policies.Julie and Dave donated a nice new big pot for melting water (thank you!!).Around 1:30pm we headed back down the short trail to the parking area and then decided to eat again!We lingered around until about 5:00pm eating brats and hot dogs and drinking beer around a campfire.Kris Cahoon, Steve Schombel and Lois Crepeau showed up and helped suppo…

Return To Nemote Creek

Date: Oct. 14th, 2018
Trip Leader: Julie Kahl
Participants: Maria Cassidy, David Kahl

I never was sure who it was you order perfect hiking days from, but they delivered today. The goal here was to explore the south end of a road we had explored earlier in the year, to see, if in reality, it was a point to point route through the northeast ridges of Nemote Cr.’s tributaries, like it looked like on a map. The previous trip had showed that the expected junction with a road up from Alice Cr. no longer existed. Scoping out this end, on that trip, had looked promising. The Stark Mt. Lookout road has long been my favorite to take "flatlanders" on if you really want to scare them. It hasn’t improved over the years, going up we met a large pick-up coming down, he pulled one set of wheels more than part way up on the bank to let us pass. At our road junction, about 2/3 of the way up the switchbacks, it seemed a normal road, until we went about 300 yards/274.32m, and the road turned to…

Sweeney Peak, Bitterroots

Date: September 26, 2018 Trip leader: Vick Applegate Participants: Edna Blanchfield, Eileen McGurty and Samson, Tom Shreve, Vick Applegate
This hike was a spectacular Fall day despite a cool blustery summit-wind.Fall colors highlighted the alpine landscape dominated by yellow/gold alpine larch.A portion of the route is within the 2017 Lolo Peak burn area.There seemingly out-of-season in full bloom were infrequent groups of pink fireweed, white yarrow, yellow arnica and blue asters.Bluebirds, Clark’s nutcrackers, northern three-toed woodpecker, ravens and Townsend’s solitaire were active along the route.
Much of the east ridge route has been burned over by the Lolo Peak fire of 2017 so hikers will find fallen logs to go over or around and ash soils to tromp through.Heads up for occasional burned-out stump holes and falling snags.
Samson, Eileen’s Italian Alps Sheepdog provided motivation to crawl over downed trees, boulders and provide water breaks.Thanks Samson!
Vick, a ham radio ope…