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Triangle Peak, Rattlesnake

Date: September 8, 2018 Trip Leader and Participant: Forest Dean
Perhaps the late notice did not attract any attention, or maybe nobody likes to go on trips with me!Either way, I set out solo on this sublime Saturday morning at 9:15am, heading for the remote Triangle Peak on the north boundary of the Rattlesnake Wilderness.I rode my bike up FR 99 for about 14.5 miles to the intersection of Trail 515.The ride up took about 1:15.It then stashed my bike, changed into trail runners and alternated running and hiking a couple miles up the trail to a point where I followed a small stream up and to the east.I eventually topped out on a ridge and followed this to the very uninspiring 7827’ summit of Triangle Peak (really just a high point along a relatively flat ridge).There are remnants here of an old lookout or something.Took just over 3 hours to reach the summit.After lounging around for about an hour, I headed back the way I came.Flying down the FR99 was fun.Round trip time of just a hair …