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14th Annual Glacier Classic - August 17-19, 2018

The 14th Annual Classic saw the second best attendance ever with 32 folks participating.  What a great weekend it was!  The sky was somewhat smoky most of the time, and once again we couldn’t have a campfire, but it didn’t seem to matter.  We had some great climbs and hikes and enjoyed some great food, drink and camaraderie in camp.  A bunch of members participated for the first time and there were a bunch of “veterans” as well.  Johnson’s Campground again proved to be a great venue for this event as it allowed us to essentially take over 6 sites and have our own private nook.  Good times!
Nine of us arrived up there on Thursday and took part in the two trips on Friday.  Nearly everyone else arrived sometime on Friday afternoon or evening.  We had four great trips on Saturday and another three on Sunday.  The majority of participants had had enough exertion (and perhaps, smoke) on Saturday and chose to just head home on Sunday. 
Great thanks to Tom Hanou for once again (after a two …

Mink Peak Spires - Bitterroots

Date: August 4-5, 2018 Participants: Forest Dean and Brent Maier
For the fourth time in the last 4 years I set out on a trip taking me up to Mink Lake in the southern Bitterroots.The goal this time was to climb the highest of the spires to the immediate east of the 9363’ high point (collectively known as Mink Peak) which lies a couple miles west of Trapper Peak.As I had stated in a trip report this spring from a similar attempt (negated by inclement weather), the highest spire is actually greater than 9363’, thus making it the true summit of this mountain.I had climbed to the (easy) 9363’ point in 2014- now it was time to get the Spire.
(As a brief side note, and without trying to make this all about me, this also happened to be an attempt to finish off the final peak on my goal of climbing all the 9000’ Bitterroot peaks).
Brent Maier again joined me on what turned out to be a fantastic two days in the Bitterroot high country.We left Missoula at noon, drove to the Boulder Creek trail…