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Little Saint Joe Cabin/Ski

Date: January 26 - 28, 2018,  Trip Leader: Paul Jensen
This trip seemed to come together somewhat at the last minute. On Friday morning Camie and I made the climb to the cabin, dropped our packs and skinned up the ridge to the first high point for a run.  We had some deep powder conditions which made for tough trail breaking but fun skiing.  That evening after dark, 6 others showed up which made for a very full cabin!  After we all got settled in though things didn't seem so bad and actually I think we all had a fun time sharing the cabin.  The next morning Forest showed up with plans to spend Saturday night and Susanna and David came up for the day.  Camie, Forest (with his new ski setup!) and I spent the day skiing a couple different runs in great powder conditions.  That night we again had 8 people in the cabin and probably 8 different kinds of alcohol!  In the morning most people had to leave but Camie and I plus 2 of the others made the climb up for another ru…

Stonewall Creek, Lincoln

Date: January 20, 2018 Trip Leaders: Joshua Philips and Susanna Girolamo
Four of us carpooled from Missoula and met up with Lauren and Justin at the lower parking lot of Stonewall Creek, outside Lincoln. We skinned from the cars, five of us on skis and one on a split-board. The area was new to four in the group and the focus was on mitigating exposure to objective hazards in avalanche terrain and how to travel safely as a group. Joshua took us out not just for a fun day of back-country riding, but to focus on terrain selection, route choice, and group travel techniques. Keeping a dialogue about safety concerns throughout the day, we explored the area and dug a pit to investigate the snow pack. In our pit we found several persistent weak layers which resulted in keeping our skiing a bit more on the conservative side. The skiing conditions were much better than expected with nice soft snow for making turns. We had 10” of new snow at 7200’ in a 280 cm snowpack.

Hyalite Canyon Ice Climbing Trip

Date: January 13-14, 2018 Participants: Forest Dean and Tom Herwerden
This trip was only listed about 12 days before it actually happened but nevertheless several individuals expressed interest in going.  However, things came up and as it turned out, just the two of us went.  Everyone else missed out!  Tom and I had a great time.  We arrived at the Grotto Falls Trailhead about 11:00 on Saturday morning and then hiked a short distance up canyon with the intent of heading for the Mummy 2 area.  However, when we started up the trail to Mummy, we immediately found the Amphitheater climbs were wide open so we just decided to start climbing!  Fat Chance Left/Right(WI3/4), Thin Chance (WI4) and then Switchback Falls (WI 2-3) entertained us for the rest of the afternoon.  We headed back into town about 5:00 then rendezvoused again at 7:30 on Sunday morning.  Not wanting to get back to Missoula too late we just did a couple of hours of climbing on Genesis 2 (WI 3/4-) and then called it quits.…