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Spotted Dog WMA

Date: Oct. 15th, 2017
Trip Leader: Julie Kahl
Attendees: Lois Crepeau, David Kahl, Dave Robertson

If one could order a perfect October day to hike in an open area, this would have been one. Blue sky, light wind, snow capped mountains in the distance. We had a little bit of apprehension on the days leading up to this trip, rain or a low snow line would have made the west side’s O’Neill Cr. road impassable in some of its steep muddy sections. But days had been dry enough so we could use this entrance into the Wildlife Management Area. Lois Crepeau and Dave Robertson met Julie and David Kahl at the Comfort Suites on East Broadway, we went in Lois’ Tacoma and I drove. Fall colors were everywhere as we drove down Hwy I-90 to the Beckhill Rd. exit, and up into the hills to the east. We only saw one other vehicle on the way in. The "parking lot" is at 5400ft /1645.92 m and we were aiming for some 6200 ft/1889.76 m summits to the southeast, but weren’t sure exactly which of the hill…

Cabin Work Party

Date: Oct. 7th, 2017
Attendees: Julie & David Kahl, Paul Jensen, Doug Grisham, Lois Crepeau

First the news everyone is waiting for: the Lolo Peak Fire did not reach the cabin, it came close, burning in the Larry Creek Gully just to the north of the cabin. The fire crews had done a duff-busting trench all around the cabin at various distances, and a lot of trees had been cut. As we were leaving the weather had cleared enough so we could see the Bitterroot Valley, to the east, below, much more of it -like major features such as the Bitterroot River- that we couldn’t see before. To the northeast we could see into The Larry Cr. Gully, and see the burned north rim. To the north was a large open space that hadn’t been there before. We didn’t explore that way, so we don’t know if the openness was due to burns, or maybe there was a major fire line on the south edge of the gully, where they had cut a lot of trees and stopped the fire there as it came out of the gully.

Five people met at Wal-M…