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Adventures Up Rock Creek

Date: July 22, 23
Trip Leader: Julie Kahl

This trip has been fluid from the start. Alden and Sally W. were the only ones interested in going, thinking it was still the Castle Rock hike. I explained that it had been changed to the Chief Joseph area and we discussed options, then Alden made a counter offer. Spend Sat. night at their cabin up Rock Creek and hike around Skalkaho Pass on Sun. Hopefully down to Stony Lake, the source of Rock Creek’s Stony Creek. It seems that the following weekend they wanted to hike in to Stony Lake with their grandsons, staying with them at the cabin, first. They needed to go in to the cabin and get ready for the stay. It sounded good to us, so with steaks for dinner and our little grill, we set out, but we would have to come in from Philipsburg as Rock Creek Road was closed due to fires. Alden was concerned about a checkpoint on Rock Creek Road as we came in from Phillipsburg but all there was was two signs on the side of the road, one said "Road Clos…

Holland Peak, Swan Range

Date: July 8, 2017 Trip Leader: Brent Maier Photos and Write-up by Bryan Kercher 
I met Brent, Abby Stensland, Forest Dean and Fintan Maguire at the trailhead Saturday morning. It was cool and sunny when we started before 8am. After not too long on the East Foothills Trail, we turned off on the steep but good trail up - this long steep uphill section took an hour of steady climbing through woods and small clearings. From there it was mostly easy sidehill trail through woods, open flower-covered hillside, and then a stand of dead trees for the short climb up to Lower Rumble Lake. After a short rest we continued on rocky trail and then scree and an easy scramble up to Upper Rumble Lake. This lake was more than half ice covered, and the water is amazingly clear. After a good rest and water refill, we headed up a short snowbank onto the social trail that ascends up to the ridge. From there it took another hour to cross a couple flats and with a climb in between, make our way across the sharp…

Spire Rock, Climbing Weekend

Date: July 22-23, 2017 Trip Leader: Joshua Phillips
The Spire Rock climbing weekend turned into a great ladies trip with some surprise guests along the way. Joshua, Susanna, Lou and Megan put in the foot work Saturday morning to find the best climbs in this surprisingly puzzling rock outcropping. Once we got on some rock Lori, Charlotte and Emiko (and Franny) found us and climbed through the heat of the day. To cool off after some hot climbing we took a swim in nearby Delmoe Lake.  On Sunday, Kurt Krueger made a guest appearance and showed us some fun crack climbs. Throughout the weekend we learned and practiced anchor building, rapelling, gear placement and lead climbing.

Fisher Peak, Swan Range

Date: July 15, 2017 Trip Leader: John Bardsley
I lead my first TRM trip this past weekend up Fisher Peak in the Swan Range. Three people joined me on the outing: Bryan Kercher, Fintan Maguire, and Joe Scott.  
Fisher is one of the most spectacular peaks along the Swan Front, and it is also one of the most accessible, due to the presence of the Swan Divide Trail #382. To get to the trail head, turn east off of Highway 83 onto Morell-Clearwater Road, between mile makers 27 and 28, about 13 miles north of Seeley Lake. Bear right at a fork in the road after about three miles, and then about seven-and-a-half miles from the highway, you'll be at the obvious trail head.
The first mile or two of trail is basically flat, along an old logging road with great views of Fisher Peak as you go. Then you come to a saddle with a fork in the trail and a sign post with no sign. Turn left and this trail steeply climbs to the Swan Crest. Once on the crest, just walk the ridge north 1.5 miles to Fisher Pea…