Triangle Peak, Rattlesnake

Date: September 8, 2018 Trip Leader and Participant: Forest Dean
Perhaps the late notice did not attract any attention, or maybe nobody likes to go on trips with me!Either way, I set out solo on this sublime Saturday morning at 9:15am, heading for the remote Triangle Peak on the north boundary of the Rattlesnake Wilderness.I rode my bike up FR 99 for about 14.5 miles to the intersection of Trail 515.The ride up took about 1:15.It then stashed my bike, changed into trail runners and alternated running and hiking a couple miles up the trail to a point where I followed a small stream up and to the east.I eventually topped out on a ridge and followed this to the very uninspiring 7827’ summit of Triangle Peak (really just a high point along a relatively flat ridge).There are remnants here of an old lookout or something.Took just over 3 hours to reach the summit.After lounging around for about an hour, I headed back the way I came.Flying down the FR99 was fun.Round trip time of just a hair …

14th Annual Glacier Classic - August 17-19, 2018

The 14th Annual Classic saw the second best attendance ever with 32 folks participating.  What a great weekend it was!  The sky was somewhat smoky most of the time, and once again we couldn’t have a campfire, but it didn’t seem to matter.  We had some great climbs and hikes and enjoyed some great food, drink and camaraderie in camp.  A bunch of members participated for the first time and there were a bunch of “veterans” as well.  Johnson’s Campground again proved to be a great venue for this event as it allowed us to essentially take over 6 sites and have our own private nook.  Good times!
Nine of us arrived up there on Thursday and took part in the two trips on Friday.  Nearly everyone else arrived sometime on Friday afternoon or evening.  We had four great trips on Saturday and another three on Sunday.  The majority of participants had had enough exertion (and perhaps, smoke) on Saturday and chose to just head home on Sunday. 
Great thanks to Tom Hanou for once again (after a two …

Mink Peak Spires - Bitterroots

Date: August 4-5, 2018 Participants: Forest Dean and Brent Maier
For the fourth time in the last 4 years I set out on a trip taking me up to Mink Lake in the southern Bitterroots.The goal this time was to climb the highest of the spires to the immediate east of the 9363’ high point (collectively known as Mink Peak) which lies a couple miles west of Trapper Peak.As I had stated in a trip report this spring from a similar attempt (negated by inclement weather), the highest spire is actually greater than 9363’, thus making it the true summit of this mountain.I had climbed to the (easy) 9363’ point in 2014- now it was time to get the Spire.
(As a brief side note, and without trying to make this all about me, this also happened to be an attempt to finish off the final peak on my goal of climbing all the 9000’ Bitterroot peaks).
Brent Maier again joined me on what turned out to be a fantastic two days in the Bitterroot high country.We left Missoula at noon, drove to the Boulder Creek trail…

Mountaineer Peak, Missions

Date: 7/14/18 Trip Leader: Laurel Vielle Attendees: Fintan Maguire, Steve Dagger, Robin Young
Forest asked me to step in when Susanna couldn't coordinate Mountaineer.  I got good beta from both Forest and Susanna and decided to go for it even though I usually don't coordinate climbs I've never done before. The only other member of TRM to join was Fintan Maguire.  I also added Mountaineer to the GMS calendar and made it a combined climb so Steve Dagger and Robin Young from GMS could join Fintan and I. Due to a few delays we didn't start hiking at the Mission Falls trailhead until about 7:30.  We made good time up the trail to the falls but then ran into a little trouble on the climbers trail to Lucifer Lake, losing the correct trail and having to backtrack and find the way.  We did and made it to the lake in decent time.  After we snacked and refreshed our water supply, we headed over to the outlet to Lucifer, noticing only one skinny log to cross on.  Fintan crossed it wi…

Hidden Lake and Glen Lake Peak, Bitterroots

Date: July 14, 2018 Trip leader: Alden Wright Attendees: Edna Blanchfield, Todd Kaye, LC Robertson 
I advertised this as a hike to Glen Lake and Point 8608 in the Bitterroots. The four hikers were Edna Blanchfield, Todd Kaye, Alden Wright, and LC Robertson (who signed up via the Missoula Adventure Crew Facebook group). Glen Lake is close to 2 unnamed lakes, and the Forest Service trail is now a loop that goes by all three lakes. The trail to the lake goes through the 2006 burn.The trail had not been cleared in a few years, and there were a number of logs to cross.On the way up to Point 8608 (also known as Glen Lake peak), we found the unofficial trail by going just north of the upper unnamed lake.We avoided any steep snow by leaving the trail in places.There were lots of wildflowers. We reached the peak around noon, and I suggested the we continue on the ridge to the west.Point 8618 in front of us looked like a challenging scramble with some steep snowfield crossings that we weren’t pr…

St. Joseph Peak, Bitterroots

Date: June 24, 2018
Trip Leader:  Susanna Girolamo Phillips,
Participants: ​ Joshua Phillips, Adam Drobish, Valer Roman-Cruz & Sam
Saint Joseph's peak as been on my radar since I started skiing Little St. Joe. Reaching the summit of Saint Joseph's peak requires a longer day so I decided to schedule a trip during the summer.
After a few weeks of not promising weather and despite the forecast, we decided to go ahead and climb this peak. The first part of the route is on a good maintained trail. We began at the Bass Creek Overlook to reach the top of Little St. Joe. The snow line started just about at 8'000 ft.  From tree line to the peak the ridges where mostly filled in with snow on the North Side of the slopes. It made half of the traverse easier on the South side of the mountains. Once arrived on the pass just east of Saint Joseph we started traversing along the north side of the ridge.  We encountered some big snow fields still impacting our traverse and route fin…