McLeod Peak, Rattlesnake

Date: July 8, 2018
Trip Leader: John Bardsley
Participants: Jen Bardsley, Susanna Girolamo, and Leah Samberg

I listed this trip last summer, and it was cancelled due to fires, so I offered it again this year. At the last minute, two people cancelled, so there were only four of us. We left the Rattlesnake Trail Head at 6.30am on bikes. The ride to the wilderness boundary took about 2.5 hours, where we stashed our bikes and put on running shoes. From there, we followed the trail up Rattlesnake Creek until the creek draining the lakes just south of McLeod enters from the northwest. There are various ways through this off trail section, all heading in a general northwest direction toward the peak, and we took a different way down than up. We all reached the summit at 12.30pm, began our descent at 1pm, and were back at the cars at 6:30pm. It was great day with a great group of ladies.

Point Six, Rattlesnake

Trip Leader - Eric Jones Participants - Isaac Jones, Ryan and Jenny Montgomery, Greg Lovellette, Bob, Ben, Max and Nick Carter

This hike was a little different from our other Missoula Horizon Summits because the first half was a ride on the Grizzly chair at Snowbowl. The hike was just a short 1 1/2 mile stroll to the top where there were no mosquitoes and plenty of snow for an epic snowball battle. On the way down we folfed before riding the chair back down. And we only lost one golf disc! Eric Jones

West Trapper Peak (Peak 9772’), Bitterroots

Date: July 1, 2018 Trip Leader: Forest Dean Participants: Brent Maier
This trip was scheduled for two weeks later, but had to make a swap to accommodate inclement weather north of the border for the planned Mt. Forbes trip.On short notice had a bit of a hard time rounding up partners, but Brent stepped forward at the last moment.And what a great day we had!
We began at the normal Trapper Peak trailhead at 7:30am.We made pretty good time on a quick hike up to the summit (10,157’) of Trapper Peak- arriving at 9:40am under mostly cloudy skies.We then descended off to the west- headed for the prominent spire that sits on the ridge about a mile or so away.The descent kept us on the ridge for a while but then we had to drop into the head of the Slide Creek valley- eventually down to about 8800’.A bit of scrambling across snowfields and boulders at that elevation put us on the due south side of West Trapper..with rapidly clearing skies!From there it was just straight up!
The first 600’ was jus…

Wild Horse Island

Date: 6/30/2018
Trip Leader: Julie Kahl
Participants: Steve Schombel, Dave Robertson, Maria Cassidy, Becky & Gary Jones, David Kahl.

The plan was to have everybody to the Big Arm Boat Rentals (look for the teepees) by 10:30 for our 11:AM -4:PM shuttle (cost $40 per person), for what promised be a perfect hiking day, mostly cloudy, in the high 60’s to low 70’s (21.11c). The sun peeked out occasionally and we only got a few splatters of rain. As we rode out in the shuttle boat I scoped out the three prominent points that form the Islands highlands, the kid driving the boat said the left most, or north point was the highest, and it looked to be. He also said there were still five wild horses on the island. The shuttle takes about 1/2 hr. without a stiff wind.

Dropped off at Seiko Bay on the north side of the island, (this is a MT State Park fee area, no charge for state residents, $4 for non-residents) we hiked up about 1/2 mile/8.8k to a saddle, past the only outhouse in the park. Ther…

Castle Reef and Sawtooth Ridge-North: Rocky Mountain Front

Date: June 22-24, 2018
Trip Leader: John Bardsley
Attendees: Fintan Maguire and Dave Patterson

This past weekend I lead a trip to the Rocky Mountain Front. The Front is a remarkable and unique place that is well-worth the 3+ hour drive from Missoula. Due to flooding, our original choice for camping (Home Gulch) was closed, so we camped instead at Sun Canyon Lodge, which was nice, had showers, and was within 1/2 mile from the start of both hikes we ended up doing.

The 'official' TRM outing was up Castle Reef on Saturday. It was a great day and climb. We drove the 1/2 mile from camp to the trailhead and began by hiking into Wagner Basin (gorgeous in-and-of itself), then gained the south ridge at an obvious saddle and followed it to the top. It's a rugged, low class 3 route with some of the best views you can find anywhere. All in all, it was a spectacular day with good people. Pictures from the day follow, with more text and pictures below for Sawtooth Ridge-North.

On Sunda…

Mt. Idaho (Lost River Range)

Date: June 8-9, 2018 Leader:  Forest Dean Participants: Minot Maser and Quentin Rhoades
At 12,065’, Mt. Idaho is the 5th highest peak in the state of Idaho and one of nine 12K peaks in the state.  It is a very aesthetic looking mountain with classic ridges and faces and really just as appealing as its bigger neighbor a mile and a half to the north (Borah).   The plan for this trip was to climb the steep central couloir on the north face.
We drove down to the Lost River Range on Friday afternoon arriving about 3:00pm.  The best way to approach the north face of Mt. Idaho is to come in from the east (Pahsimeroi Valley) but I was reluctant to drive the rough roads to the Merriam Lake trailhead.  Thus we began at the Borah Peak- Chicken Out Ridge trailhead.  We followed this trail up the ridge for 3,000 feet before veering off to the southeast (Cedar Creek drainage) at around 10,300’.  From there it was a bit of challenging sidehilling over fist-sized scree as we made our way towards the…

Chpaaqn Peak Hike

Date: June 2, 2018 Trip Leader: Laurel Vielle Attendees: Don Arthur, Jim Valentine, Dell and Gail Meuchel, Robin Young, Lou Herrit and Dennis Bonawitz.
Seven chipper hikers and myself gathered at the Snow Bowl park and ride about 8:00 on Saturday, June 2.  We made the trek up to Nine Mile in two vehicles to just below the trailhead.  Some mud and snow stopped us before we reached the trail but it was a short extra distance to walk.  On the pre-hike from the previous week there was quite a lot of snow so I had everyone bring spikes and snowshoes.  Of course we didn't need any as the evening before was nice and chilly and the snow was hard and fairly easy to walk on even as the day wore on.  The first 2 miles or so the trail was easy to follow even with the snow,  but after awhile I was thankful for GPS.  We'd still be wondering around up there if not for GPS due to the trail becoming indistinguishable and being low in the trees with no point of reference.  After a circuitous route…